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In 2016, all contractors who would like to participate in Great River Energy Cooperatives Residential Central AC and Air Source Heat Pump Rebate program must pass an assessment demonstrating their knowledge of quality installation practices. Contractors are able to take one assessment free of charge. You will need to go through the online registration process to obtain a link to the free assessment, as well as a user name and password. Our partner, HVACReducation.net, is administering the assessment process. They also offer a Quality Installation Review and other preparation courses for purchase.
Quality Installation
If you received a score of less than 75% on your initial assessment and would like to take it again, you may purchase the assessment here for $40. Successfully passing the assessment will qualify you to participate in our 2016 Residential Central AC and Air Source Heat Pump Rebate program.
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Quality Installation
Sharpen your skills before taking the Quality Installation Assessment! If you aren't sure what to expect in the assessment or it's been a while since you've answered multiple-choice questions relating to your technical knowledge, the Quality Installation Review can help. You'll have 30 days to review the content, identify areas that need refreshing and take practice tests. The $95 review is optional and separate from the assessment.

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NOTE: The Quality Installation Review is designed to be a refresher on quality installation practices - not a training course. For additional training on quality installation practices, please see our Recommended Prep Courses below.

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